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How to Choose Pixel Pitch while Buy LED Screen?


As we know, pixel pitch is one of the important technical parameters for LED display video wall, directly affecting screen's display effect and best viewing distance. The smaller the value of pixel pitch is, the more pixels the screen has within a unit area, so the resolution and best viewing distance of it can be increased accordingly. In short, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the closer the audience can stand to view the screen and get HD display effect.

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Then, is it that the smaller the pixel pitch is, the better the screen is at any time? Small pixel pitch is more favourable to displaying HD pictures, but with higher rates. Among small-pixel-pitch led screens within a unit area, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the more pixels the screen has, the cost then is higher accordingly. Therefore, while buying a screen, choose the one with appropriate pixel pitch in combination with the distance from audience to screen and cost budget to achieve the desired results. Suppose where your screen is located such as retail space, requires your target customers to get very close to the screen, then the 3mm-pixel-pitch screen will be able to meet the demand.

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Suppose your screen is hung in a high place far from your target audiences, such as airport signs or stage effect displays, the one with pixel pitch of 4mm to 6mm like ELNOR P5 stage screen installed at a Binzhou auditorium, will be best choice then.

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Suppose it is used for outdoor advertisements, you can choose a screen in 6mm to 10mm, for example, Shenzhen Elnor Co.,Ltd installed an 8mm LED video advertising board at a Nanning convention & exhibition center in Guangxi.

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If it is likewise used for large-scale outdoor advertising video playing in a bigger screen size, we can also choose a more cost-effective 16mm screen.

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