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The Developmen of The Outdoor LED Display Industry


In recent years, the media industry in which LED advertising screen as outdoor advertising media has become one of the most popular media forms with the advantages of high traffic locations and good publicity effect, has been showing a thriving scene. This has created a good opportunity for the growth of LED display screen industry.

With the emergence of new technologies and the upgrading of existing technologies, the form of outdoor advertising has changed drastically in a short period of time. From the original shop signs, to the dynamic advertising screens, and then to the super large video display walls, outdoor advertising has almost been everywhere in people's life.

Usually located in busy roads with a huge flow of people, outdoor advertising is seen by many businesses as an important means of company brand and image propaganda. The definition of outdoor screen is continuously improved under the impetus of technologies such as HD, 4K, etc. so as to provide a greater choice of dimensions, which allows the status of LED screen to be increasingly recognized by the market in outdoor advertising industry.

Compared with other means of advertising, outdoor smd LED display has a lot of excellent performance. For example, it's usually situated in crowded area, large-size gorgeous pictures are able to create a stronger visual impact. In this day and age of the proliferation of information, this unique realization form is often easier to stand out from the overwhelming advertisements to effectively bring about the information communication with the public and achieve the purpose of brand image and public information dissemination.

LED display itself has the product characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, being able to meet the need of around-the-clock information transmission with 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast. Besides,  it carries the excellent performance of waterproof resistance, lightning protection, seismic resistance to adapt to the application needs in harsh outdoor settings. The display effect is not subject to the environment by means of its own high brightness performance, so it can ensure the effect of outdoor communication.

Moreover, outdoor digital LED billboard can also display the public service content such as city promotional film, compared with other forms like television advertisement. So it's not easy for the public to feel antipathy against it, the acceptance rate is obviously higher than that of traditional TV advertisements. Meanwhile, it comes in beautifying city image and enriching people's amateur life and becomes a display window of brand image and city image.

LED display Panel, as an important outdoor advertising emerging media, has been in the process of rapid development in recent years. Outdoor LED display board is expected to reap earnings of over 3 billion yuan by the year of 2017 with an attractive prospect.