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Maintenance Tips For LED Display Screen


As a currently regular outdoor big led screen, colorful LED screens are used in many events, such as, dinner parties, wedding banquets, stage performance programmes,displays at plazas, etc. As LED screen is used as the most important modern display equipment, a simple maintenance analysis is made below based on a few key points for repairing.

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The tools needed in the first place are multimeter, soldering iron, blade, tweezers. The tools needed in the first place are multimeter, soldering iron, blade, tweezers.

1. Observational method and screen direct observation with eyes. Sometimes broken circuit can be told with eyes only. PCB circuit breakage, for example,  is caused by scratching. Or electric drill might occasionally break off with carelessness.

2. Contrast method, which is essential as well as crucial. Sometimes we can not identify with our own eyes if IC burns up, so we have to use the replacements in good condition. And sometimes we do not remember if the signal is originally interlinked, we can take a measurement through a working panel of how the corresponding position is like. Thus, it appears to be crucial.

3. Exclusive method. Sometimes failures are caused by many reasons. We can deal with them one by one. You can take the reference of the previous treatment of common faults in case you forget to eliminate them one by one.

4. Electric resistance detecting method. Adjusting the multimeter to resistance position as to detect the resistance value to the ground on a certain contact of a working circuit board, and then do the same detection to a same-positioned contact located on another same circuit board and find out if the resistance value differs from correct one. If the answer is affirmative, the area of the problem occuring is surely confirmed.

5. Voltage detection method. Adjusting multimeter to voltage position as to detect the voltage to the ground of a certain contact on a doubtful wrong circuit board and compare it with correct one. If they are not same or similar, then the area of the trouble occuring is located.

6. Short circuit detection method. Adjusting multimeter to short circuit detection position( either diode drop or resistance, normally with alarm function) as to detect if it has the sign of short circuit. Once confirmed, it should be solved first to avoid the burning of other components. This detection has to be done only when the detected panel is powered off in order to avoid spoiling multimeter.

7. Voltage drop detection method. Adjusting multimeter to diode drop position. All ICs consist of basic numerous single components but miniaturized, voltage drop is present in pins when there is current passing by. Generally speaking, the voltage drop on the same pins of ICs in same model is similar. Whether it's good or not depends on the voltage drop value of the pins. It has to be done only when the detected panels are powered off. This method has some limitations. we will fail to detect it if the detected components is of high resistance, for example.

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It will be enough for us to know as many as these methods even though the methods are far more than these.

Point One: Short Circuit

Many failures are practically caused by short circuit. It will get all right as long as we fix short circuit.

Point Two: Broken Circuit

Broken circuit, as its name implies, refers to signal interruption. It will turn OK if we hook up the circuit to signal interruption.

Point Three: IC Breakdown

Nothing else to say about this point. It is evaluated by the above-mentioned. One founded, it can be replaced immediately.

Easy maintenance characterizes LED video wall as one of its advantages. Whether they are technicians or maintainers from LED screen manufacturers, they should master these basic key points and methods mentioned above for maintenance purpose.