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Structural Optimization of Small Pixel Pitch Tech


LED display industry is facing some structural problems while welcoming a good development opportunity. Homogenization brings about a fierce competition, and small pixel pitch is exactly playing a historical role in brand pattern optimization of driving industry.

As we all know, small pixel pitch led video screen technology has grown into a new hot point for the LED billboard industry within several years since the beginning of 2012. For the enterprises of LED display industry, however, not only is small pitch technology a new profit growth point, but it has a more important significance lying in the role played by structure optimization in this industry of adding fuel to the flame.

Relatively low entry threshold to traditional LED video wall technology and favorable market prospects brings an increase in the number of LED display manufacturers as rapidly as bamboo shoots after a spring shower, but some of them are mostly the ones mainly aiming at simple imitation and rough making. And the effect of products increasingly identical in the entire industry becomes more obvious, which enables the whole industry to have products' differentiation and uniqueness in common.

As a new-emerging display technology, small pitch LED requires higher process of R&D, technique, etc, compared to traditional LED display. At the enterprise level, R&D team and production line are hard to carry on, without the support of certain amount of money. Invisibly, small pitch technology urges the pace of survival of the fittest for LED display industry itself, which will undoubtedly accelerate the reorganization of industrial setup and structural optimization.

On the other hand, small pitch LED also brings more opportunities to non-traditional led display panel manufacturers as a new-emerging technology and a technology having extremely high requirements on enterprise scale as well. In recent years, many manufacturers, who make traditional DLP splicing multi-screens, LCD monitors, professional monitors, TV displays, etc., have joined small pitch LED display industry circle, which infuses LED display industry with new businesses and brings along positive competition of industry conducive to the healthy development in this line.

Currently, under the appearance of thriving led display industry,the undercurrent of industry reshuffle is surging up and simmering, which requires LED display board industry to make structural optimization no matter whether it's industry's self-development or market settings. Small pitch technology is the excellent opportunity for non-traditional led display enterprises to cut into LED display industry, while traditional led display manufacturers is also expected to create their own competitive advantages of differentiation by means of small pitch technology.