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Elnor Outdoor LED Giant Screen Presents Live Show


In effect, live show on LED giant screen is very common for everyone, especially sports events live. Whenever there is a sport event, LED screen is definitely used to broadcast it at outdoor plazas, in the bars, and any other places.

LED Screen live broadcast is also playing an important role in government job in addition to marketing and entertainment.Having lately benefited from the construction of party work transparency, local governments lay much more emphasis on training local people for active reception of goverment work and information.To do this, one of the ways is to use Giant LED screen to give live coverage of some government conferences and work so as to let people keep government work dynamics.

The Eleventh Party Congress in Hengyang city successfully opened on September 28, 2016. The opening ceremony is live broadcast through electronic screens at the various plazas all over the city. It attracts many citizens commenting on it with words of praise to stand there and view it. All expresses their compliments on Party work with greater transparency and democracy.

In addition, many courts also start keeping pace with the times, using LED screen to live broadcast court trial to enhance the transparency of law enforcement and promote judicial openness so as to truly bring into full play the role of public supervision.

The masses watch live court trial in front of the giant screen

Whether it's a marketing campaign live broadcast by a beauty, or a live party conference and court trial, it still marks the new game of outdoor media although some strange changes are made in program contents, which is meant by putting together originality, technology, contents and communication channel---"emergence of LED outdoor giant screen and network live broadcast and live TV.

Technology Update, Live Broadcast says goodbye to Recording Time

As we all know, network live on outdoor LED giant screen is more complicated, comparing to traditional recorded broadcast. Above all, outdoor environment is full of such chaos and noise that there is a greater difficulty in video and audio acquisition and multi-signal reception. Thus, network live requires higher comprehensive "technical strength" of outdoor LED screen, which not only carries better display effect(Normally some special effects need presenting on live pictures), but also needs to satisfy it with super powerful video processors. Also, it has a relatively higher requirement on control system of LED screen, which must be able to adjust to such complicated environment that live broadcast is truly achieved to say goodbye to recording time.

It's predictable that the market of network live is booming. And ELNOR outdoor LED giant screen media can make good use of this to demonstrate its strengths. Lately, LED screens have made great grogress in the aspects of display effect(the birth of outdoor small pixel pitch), or control system(networked control broadcast,etc.). Furthermore, as LED screens are well integrated with technologies like VR/AR, face recognition, interaction, we're convinced that it will be able to provide a better platform for live broadcast to outdoor LED big screen, and certainly compulsory to regulate live contents.