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Protection Requirements for LED Outdoor Screens


Nowadays, outdoor led panel screen is a common sight everywhere and is used widely. As we can see, the higher the resolution is, the better outdoor led screen looks. What else is needed besides high resolution while purchasing an outdoor led screen,then?

Outdoor LED advertising screen is required to be waterproof and dustproof which are first faced with if it is used for full outdoors.The IP rating of display device housing must meet waterproof requirement and the general waterproof protection level reaches IPX5, which enables it to run normally in a heavy rain; Dust is then an important factor to accelerate the aging of outdoor led screens. Outdoor display equipment needs to have specially designed dustproof structure and dustproof filtering equipment whose protection level will reach IP65.

Outdoor LED advertising display is required to be of smart constant temperature, having heat coming from three aspects such as solar radiation, air convection, internal electronic heating elements, etc. while working. Outdoor led screen is required to be provided with a device well knowing temperature to ensure the normal use of the screen according to the regional temperature difference and various positions to place devices. Outdoor LED advertising screen generally meets the operating requirements on temperature -30℃ to 55℃ and humidity 10% to 90%, no matter which one of cooling solutions such as air-conditioning radiation or forced air cooling is used.

Outdoor LED advertising billboard is required to be protected against exposure and theft. The safety of the LED screen itself is to be first considered as it is generally used in outdoor public places. It should avoid screw exposure, combined with the locks against burglary and strong support structure to solve the security problems against theft.

Outdoor LED advertising board is required to be protected against thunder. To completely present the performance of the all-day outdoor displaying, the outdoor display device is also required to be designed with reliable lightning protection, provided with safety guarantee in thunderstorm days.

Outdoor LED advertising video wall is required to prevent reflection. To make it quite clear to see the interface in outdoor settings, it's necessary then to adopt the glass with special coating treatment to increase the visual viewpoint and resolution rate of the picture and reduce the screen reflection.

Anti electromagnetic interference, uncontrollable in outdoor environment, appears to be extremely important on outdoor LED advertising screen. We can't change the environment for outdoor use, but we can adop the measures of shielding internal electronic components of led screen, which not only prevents effectively the internal parts and cables from disturbing against the signal, but stops the external electromagnetism from interfering against LED products.

An outdoor LED screen requires a higher resolution to satisfy the use of display effect for long distance and high light environment, compared to indoor full-color LED display. Traditional LCD monitor can only reach the resolution 1024×768, while outdoor LED advertising screen is in need of a resolution rate at least reaching 1920×1200 or above so as to display normally under the influence of sunlight without affecting the viewing effect; In order to adjust an outdoor LED advertising screen to complex and changeable outdoor environment, what needs to be solved is the protection against water, dust, burglary, lightning, exposure, reflection, electromagnetic interference, etc., in addition to the resolution rate of the display.