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LED Video Wall

1. The video wall is slim and light, the thickness is 8CM and the weight is 32KG/SQM.

2. Fast installation to the wall without extra support structure.

3. The maintenance could be both from the front and the back, no demand for the back maintenance space, this can come true the 8CM thickness for the LED wall.

4. 65536 gray scale and high refresh rate.

5. The brightness could be adjustable according to the external brightness.

6. Natural ventilation without air conditioner, zero noise.

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Innovative LED video wall design, High brightness and Rich colors

Shining your AD and buildings with ELNOR LED Wall.

Performance of video wall

Image quality of LED video wall

High Definition, High refresh rate, Wide viewing angle

Perfect watching experience

Zero noice

Audience can enjoy very comfortable, clear and smooth image quality even at a very close distance!

Fast and simple installation, Minimum 80CM thickness including all structure, Service both from the front and back.

Save installation time, labor cost and future service cost, slim design also make the wall more fashion.

Slim panel of LED wall

Intelligent monitoring

Intelligent monitoring, all control in one hand.

Easy real-time monitoring the video wall in different platform like PC, Ipad, Iphone, Android, auto email alarm if any problems happen.

Slim panel design, super light and slim.

Only 32KG/SQM, best option for installtion and delivery.

light weight of LED wall

Color correction of video wall

Enjoy the high image quality for lifetime

ELNOR use the color correction technology of 3rd generation, support the correction by manually and Auto-Camera detection.