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P3 Indoor LED Screen
  • P3 Indoor LED Screen
  • P3 Indoor LED Screen
  • P3 Indoor LED Screen
  • P3 Indoor LED Screen

P3 Indoor LED Screen

Product type: RIM3

Pixel pitch: 3mm


Cabinet material: Alunimum die cast 480x480mm

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Elnor LED Display panel for indoor stage and advertisement, music club use, The advantage of the LED display is low power consumption and low cost.

1. Ultrathin and lightweight: Each cabinet weighs only 7.6kgs, easy to install and transport.

2. Noiseless: Die-casting Aluminum cabinets, fanless design with noiseless power supply.

3. Seamless: High precision CNC machining, precision up to 0.1mm.

4. Fast Installation and dismantling: connection lock between cabinets are patented, closely combined, safe, reliable and adjustable.

5. Unique blanking circuit: high definition display by eliminating the row / line after-image without damaging the LED lamps.

6. Energy saving: low electric current, high-bright lamps, equipped with PFC switching power supply, save 30% electricity.

7. High refresh rate, high gray level: it can reach 16bit by using PWM driving IC, refresh rate is more than 4000HZ, the gray level is still high even under the condition of low brightness.

8. Color correction: support dot-to-dot correction, guarantee the consistence of LED color and brightness, No chromatic aberration for new screens.

9. Dual back-up: both power supply and system dual back-up are optional, reliable performance.